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OGA Dinghy

Introducing a new dinghy from Andrew Wolstenholme especially designed for Young (and Old) Gaffers

Key Points

Overall length of 13'6" and beam of 5'3" (4.1 x 1.6m) – a comfortable size for building at home in the garage, easy to tow behind a small car and yet large enough for family sailing.

The single chine hull form follows from the popular dinghies of the 50s and 60s – Hornet, Graduate, Scorpion, GP14, etc. – but with a more classic appearance with a sweeping sheer and raked transom .

Construction is a variation on stitch-and-tape using CNC-cut components, which lends itself to building from a pre-cut kit. Partly with simplicity of build in mind but also functionality, she has a lowered deck in the same style as the Mirror Dinghy, useful for lessening the risk of lines going overboard and providing more sprawling space for children.

The versatile design allows for sailing, rowing, sculling or outboard motor.